Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I < 3 My Class

Today before lunch we walked over to the library.  {It's about 2 blocks from our school}  When we got there all of them were excited and wanted to know how many books they could check out.  I told them two each.  I went to go grab the books I had requested of the shelf.  When I found them, all five of them were huddled around a shelf of Goosebump books.  I asked them if they were finding what they needed.  One girl quickly exclaimed in a whisper "We're going to start a book club!"  They then proceeded to find books 1 & 2.  They found 2 copies of both so they broke their book club into 2 groups, each group will read their book and then they will trade.  Tim, the only boy in the class is a quick reader so he told the girls to go ahead, he'd catch up later. 

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