Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I'm a Survivor...{Linky Party}

Mrs. Ayala at Kinder FuN is hosting a Linky Party for the first day of school!  I know I'm not a teacher of the wee-ones, but the questions were pretty non-grade specific.  And since my first day of school was today, I thought I would link up to it.  You can link up to it too!  Click the "I'm a Survivor!" logo below my answers & link up to your first day of school.

1.  What did you wear on the 1st Day of School?
       This took forever to decide.  Finally I made the decision.  White skirt, white lacy cami, and pink cardigan like thing.  I tried to take a picture of myself.  I'm sitting at my desk. 

2.  What did you have to have to survive that day?
      We only had a half day, but by 10 AM I was starving and ready for lunch!  I had to crack open a Dr. Pepper 10.  We were good to go.

3.  What is the funniest or unexpected thing that happened to you on the 1st Day of School?
       Unexpected:  I have only 5 students in my classroom instead of the perceived 7.  :-S  BUT, I did get a call that we are getting a new student tomorrow that we weren't planning on.  Time to keep praying that God can bring us some more kiddies...

How was your first day of school??  Link up with Mrs. Ayala & share your experience!


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