Thursday, September 29, 2011


So I didn't even finish my own linky party. Boo to me. I must admit I ran out of steam when I saw that others weren't interested. Then I thought about how much I have to do and I totally understand. Maybe next time I'll come up with a better linky party.

I've been absent from the blogging world for a bit because my husband & I are moving. Kind of. We've packed our stuff into storage containers and are moving out of our house so the new owners can move in. We won't have a house until's been a bit stressful.

I do have in store for you this weekend some photos. We are almost finished with part one of our Civil War study. Our textbook breaks it into three chapters, so we finished the first chapter. Then we did an study of some major people involved in the Civil War as well as some of the battles fought. The projects are turning out great! Can't wait to share the finished projects of part 1 with you!

I'll be back sometime this weekend. I have lots of blogs to catch up on in my reader and a few to finish & schedule for this blog as well.

Happy Thursday! It's almost FRIDAY!!!

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