Tuesday, February 28, 2012

My Yesterday...here's hoping for a better today.

I've posted before about how get to wear many hats at my school.  I really love my job!  I love teaching!  Yesterday I learned that I am NOT a primary teacher...

My kindergarten teacher has twin boys-kindergartners.  Today they were both sick, so she stayed home with them.  My regular primary sub had already been snagged by another Lutheran school in Denver.  I don't have a very deep sub list (something I need to work on for next year...) so I called my upper grade sub.  He teaches band at a public school in the mornings, but can usually be at my school by 11/11:30 AM.  Since my assistant was out today, I had to take what I could get...here's how my day went:

6:30 AM       
Arrive at school, talk to pre-k teacher, see if she can cover in K from 8-9 AM
8-9 AM   
Teach my students (5-6 grade)
9-10 AM  
 My students go to Pastor's class, go down, get the kindergartners from pre-k & teach them.  Can't find the handwriting papers, so decide to do math instead.  Have SIX kindergartners tell me "we don't do math now, we do it after recess."  
10-10:30 AM
Send kindergartners to recess with 1-2 grade (a regular occurrence), teach 7-8 grade grammar
10:30 AM
Kindergartners come in from recess, take 7- 8 to kindergarten room, have them finish homework, figure out an improvised handwriting lesson to do with kindergartners.
10:45-11:15 AM 
Send 7-8 and 5-6 to recess with 7-8 teacher, teach bible to kindergartners.
11:15-11:30  AM
Have 5-6 bring down their homework to have study hall in kindergarten room while I finish up the morning details of kindergarten
11:30  AM
Do a happy dance when sub arrives!  

I could never teach the little ones.  I was reminded of this when I asked one child, "Jacob, what's going on?  Why aren't you participating?"  His response?  "Because I miss my mommy."  I didn't even know what to say to that...

And zipping their coats!

I'll take my awkward, sometimes attitudinal middles schoolers any day.

God bless those primary teachers!


  1. My school has such a hard time finding subs because now that we are closing in June, no one wants to work for less money than public schools without the possibility of leading to a job. I had to cover Kindergarten the other day too and I was legitimately scared. I seriously can't deal with the babies!!
    To The Square Inch

  2. WOW!!!!!! Okay I spent one day with first in my undergrad and knew I could not do it..but what you did...teens and that.. bless you

  3. Because I miss my mommy? Then, you say, "You know, sometimes I miss my Mommy, too, but she'll be back very soon! Now, tell me, what comes after 13? I think it's 9. Am I right?" Seriously, I don't know how you do junior high! I miss my Kindergarteners!