Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's Coming...

When I looked at the date this morning I realized that Target is probably clearing their shelves for their back to school section!  Eeeek!  Summer seems to get shorter and shorter.

I've started creating a list of things I MUST get from the back to school aisles.  I'm hoping for lots of one cent deals. :)

Since I changed schools, I have had  A LOT of unpacking to do at the new school.  I originally thought that the carpets were getting cleaned on July 7...I was wrong, it was July 2.  So I spent an entire Sunday, July 1, at the new school unpacking boxes and getting as much off of the floor of my classroom as I could.  Below two quick photos I snapped on Instagram (sarahndenver) of some of the progress I made.  My old classroom had two closets and an entire wall of built in shelves.  My new classroom--no closets and just a few small book shelves--not built in.  EEK!  I think I've got it all figured out though. 

Rainbow Construction Paper
Holy buckets I have a lot of books!

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  1. So many books to choose from! I wish my middle school teachers had that many for me to choose from. :)