Sunday, July 1, 2012

Oh right, I have a blog...

Wow, it has been a long time since I've blogged! I have a list of excuses... The real reason was simply that I really needed to be focusing things going on at my school. As you may recall the school that I've loved and worked at for the past 8 years closed after over 100 years! This was one of the toughest things I've ever done, and being the principal made it a bit harder. Many of my middle school students struggled greatly with this as many of them had been at Emmaus for 5 or more years. I decided that it was my job to simply love on them and remind them about the great things that we'd done and that they were loved. Along with that came loads of meetings and paper work to be done to ensure that the closure was smooth. This process was emotionally draining! I'm pretty sure that throughout the months of April and May I came home, went ate dinner and went straight to bed. School finally got out the Friday before Memorial Day. What a tear jerker!
I'm in the pink jacket. We closed our year at chapel, went out to the parking lot, said a final prayer together, and then let our balloons go. Someone took a video, but all you hear is terrible wailing. It was rough. I left school that afternoon only to return that evening for the Middle School Lock-In. We were up ALL NIGHT! The next morning I went home and did not feel well. I had a terrible pain in my right rib cage area. I knew from previous "attacks" that it was probably my gallbladder. I laid around all day in terrible pain and finally went to the urgent care, hoping for a magic pill to fix the pain. The "magic pill" sounded a lot like "Go directly to the ER, do not go home first." So that's where dear husband took me. Sunday I had my gallbladder out. Talk about a downer! I had plans to go to a Memorial Day BBQ and then I was going to run the Bolder Boulder on Monday. Because of the surgery I started the summer out behind. I had to move all my meetings for final closing stuff back, our trip to Ohio couldn't be changed and that was fine, but I just finally finished up at Emmaus this week...during my "3 week vacation" period. Today I was up at my new school unpacking stuff from Emmaus and trying to get it taken care of so that they could clean the carpets tomorrow and Tuesday. As I left I thought, "Hey, remember your should get back to that!" So here I am. Hope you all have enjoyed your first weeks of summer!

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