Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Classroom Pictures

Since it is day two of week two I decided it was high time I get my classroom pictures put up!  Our theme this year for the school is Under Construction.  I however am in love with my "dots on chocolate" decorations, so I stuck with that in my classroom...

Bulletin Board to the left of my Smart Board on the East wall.  The left side is where the Current Event papers are kept and where the quarterly book report information is found.  The right side is for prayer requests.

Some of my school supply haul. :)

More school supplies (those erasers were a penny each)

Full picture of the school supplies on my desk (with my old chair)

Guess I had fun taking pics of the school supplies...

Birthday Area.  I usually don't do much for birthdays, but I saw this idea on Pintrest.  I cut balloons out of cardstock and taped them to giant pixie sticks. 

Job Board.

Another Pinterest idea.  An absent work folder.  I made three of them and pinned them to the job bulletin board.

My writing area.  Pocket holder has writing portfolios.  The chart on right helps me track where the kids are in the writing process.  They move their clothes pins when they finish a step.

Writing area/computer desk/birthday stuff

I reclaimed my Husker container and got these cute little buckets and decided it was perfect for their jump drives.

Pencil sharpening station.  I have extra pencils they can borrow if needed.

These need to be sharpened...

These are sharp...

Penny erasers!

Another Pinterest treat...I just re-typed it, printed, and laminated it

My class runs a snack shack for the rest of the school

Cute sales sign for snack shack.

My library corner.  Rules for borrowing my books (green) and a few helpful hints for picking out the right book

Celebrations Board--this is where I hang work that the kids have done an exceptional job on.

And that's my classroom.  I think it's pretty happy with it's pale yellow walls and bright pink bulletin boards! 

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  1. I like your writing station. I have something similar in my classroom too!

    Love the blog! It's very refreshing to come across wonderful middle school blogs!