Monday, October 3, 2011

Day at the Zoo

Today my class took the first and second graders to the zoo. It was great! I have been to the zoo before with preschoolers and let me tell you what a zoo that was! Going with the first and second graders was an AWESOME time.

While I don't have the patience to teach first and second grade I do appreciate that they can follow directions and stand in lines and take care of their fifth or sixth grade buddy! We went with them to help them get idea for their animal reports. This year is our academic fair and the younger grades do class projects. Mrs. S, the first and second grade teacher, has her class do animals every other year for academic fair. This year she challenged them to find some unique animals and venture out from the lion, tiger, and bear. {OH MY!} And venture they did. They had 10 types of animals to find. Mrs. S printed a sheet for each pair. My kids were so cute reading the plaques at the zoo for the first and second graders so that they could determine if a certain animal was the right type for their worksheet (ie: eats plants, eats meat, lives in Asia, is a mammal, is a reptile, etc.)

It was a long day but a great one.

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