Monday, October 17, 2011

Digital Story Telling...kind of

Today we launched into digital stories.  About a week ago when I was gone I had my 7th & 8th grade do the progressive writing assignment again.  They love it and beg for it about once a week.  It's nice to see them so excited about writing!

So today I pulled out their stories from when I was gone.  We read them aloud and discussed how to make a story flow.  Then I gave them their assignment.  To take the story they first began and make it better.  Then they are to use Power Point and write their story.  Each "page" of their story will include a picture and text.  They were super excited about it.  We're going to go to the computer lab tomorrow after grammar to start the stories.  Once I know they are on the "write" track, I'm turning them loose.


  1. I want to come do a writing workshop with your kids!!!

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