Wednesday, October 26, 2011

One to One Teachnology?

Does anyone use one to one technology at their school? We don't have anything in place, but when I was at Breckenridge I went to a sectional in which the leader asked "What are you afraid of?" He was referring to letting kids bring in their device to use it during class.

Well instantly I could think of a million things I was afraid of...they were the things I was doing as he spoke: Halfheartedly taking notes while browsing Pintrest and checking blogs, Social networks, in appropriate website, etc.

Enter my amazing husband. He LOVES to dink around with technology. He's a software engineer. He stares at a computer all day then comes home and stares at a different one some more. Sound like fun? That's my idea of non-fun...teach all day and then come home and teach more?! No thanks! Anyway, I digress... My amazing husband build a firewall for our school that not successfully keeps me from ever accessing Facebook at school, among other things.

I'm no longer worried about what my kids will get onto because I know that they can't get on anything they shouldn't be on, so now I want to let them bring their devices...

So I did. Monday one of my students brought in a tablet she had received for her birthday. I'm not sure how to help her use it productively in class yet. Tuesday another girl brought in a cute mini, purple laptop...NOW we're talking. Today I had my 6 kids set up at 3 computers working on something for Science. It was glorious! They love to play review games so I put them to work on making their own review game for Science. Each group got a section from the chapter to work on. They ate it up! They are getting another chance to review their Science and they are working on their computer skills! WIN!

Anyone know of any blogs where the teacher/blogger is using a one to one program? I'd love to learn/read about how to incorporate letting students bring their own devices into the classroom.


  1. Hi Sarah:

    This is not my arena of greatest skill... but you might want to check back a few posts on Shepard's Shining Stars
    and/or Kleinspiration
    They're my go-to tech gurus!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  2. Hi Sarah:

    Jen Runde has been posting about iPad apps. Great stuff...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  3. Sarah,

    I'd love to chat with you about technology! I am a teacher at a K-12 public school, specifically teaching JH English and Reading. We are 1:1 9-12 with laptops, and have 50+ iPods that are used K-8. I also have a laptop cart that my students use regularly.


    Christine Bowin
    cbowin at esu10 dot org