Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday at School

Today after church I headed into my office to finally tackle the mess that was left from Fall Festival. It's going to be so glorious to have a clean office tomorrow morning! I need to make it a point to stay after school one day this week and work on my classroom next.

We're beginning Christmas program practice this week with try-outs. I LOVE Christmas, but I always feel like such a slacker teacher because Christmas practice takes about an hour from our day four days a week. This week we only loose two hours for program practice, so that's good. So my goal for this week is to work on getting all my workbook sheets for every week ready and start the mornings by going over homework that I expect will get done. Once I do that, then I'll go into the teaching part of my day, so then on days like Tuesdays when I loose my class to Christmas program AND band, I still feel accomplished.

Oh, did I mention that last week my class got to take a little lunch trip? I challenged my class the second week of school to work hard and get on the honor roll. I told them that if they ALL made the honor roll, I would take them out to lunch & pay for it (remember I teach at a small Lutheran school & only have 6 students.) Well, on Wednesday I gave out honor roll certificates at chapel. I'm proud to say that all 6 of them made the honor roll. This was HUGE for one of my students. I had her in class last year and she really struggled. She matured SO much over the summer. She earned her first homework pass this year and her first honor roll certificate. I wish I had had my camera ready for these two moments. It really reminded me why I teach. Anyway, I took them to the Village Inn near our school. Those kids were so well behaved, polite, & hungry! I was so afraid they would waste food, despite our THREE talks about not wasting food. I even talked to the manager to see if it was possible to get "half" meals at the same price. (Kiddie menu wasn't enough, but I thought the VIB menu would be too much). They surprised me and ate EVERYTHING put in front of them!!

Well I suppose that's enough Sunday rambling. Blessings on a new week!

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