Monday, July 2, 2012

Daily Cafe, Common Core, and Flipped Classroom....

Last year when I started this blog, I began to see these three things more and more. I must admit, I don't know much about any of them. I told myself that this summer I was going to learn about them and see if they could be implemented...

Well today, being the first Monday of July so the "first" day of the month in my book, I started Google-ing. I Googled common core first. I read the webpage that appeared. It was kind of boring and dry, so I decided I'd come back to that later.

I moved on to "flipped classroom". Well the webpage I clicked. Now that webpage was exciting to view.  before I knew it, I was really interested.  I started asking myself how such a thing would look in my classroom.

Below I've provided the html code for the basic explanation of what the Flipped Classroom is.  I have a friend who has used the Kahn Academy in her classroom.  For myself I think I would want to start with one subject and figure out how to implement it the best I could.  I, obviously, have a lot more research to do, but I'm intrigued.

Do you flip?

Flipped Classroom
Created by Knewton and Column Five Media

NOTE:  I do recognize that this model may have some downfalls, but I still want to learn more about it.


  1. I'm a new follower, thanks to someone on Pinterest. Anyway, I was at a conference last week where the flipped classroom was the rage. Felt a bit overwhelmed even though I do a lot with technology in my room until one presenter, Greg Green, talked about what it looks like and that there's no one model that works better than another. Lots of suggestions that made sense and got me to thinking what more I could do to be the "guide on the side" for this coming year. Would love to share ideas about what is working and isn't working this coming school year, etc.

  2. I teach high school biology, and last year I flipped my classroom for a few lessons (with my freshman and my seniors). It was successful. It gave us more of a chance in class to actually spend time with the material, instead of trying to zip past it (we have a LOT to cover in biology!). A great thing is it is easy homework for the kids! A video to watch and take notes on is easy--a worksheet by yourself can be difficult. I plan to create my own videos this summer so I have my own lessons and don't have to rely on other people's work...I know of some free screen capturing websites that I'll be blogging about soon if you're interested in that! I'll make a little reminder so that when I finish that post I can let you know!

  3. PS: I've given you 2 awards at my blog! Check it out if you would like to participate!

  4. Thanks for all the information on The Flipped Classroom. Like you, I have been hearing a lot about it, but didn't know what it meant. Your information is helpful to me!