Thursday, July 19, 2012

Summer...don't go yet...

This week hubs and I headed to Nebraska to visit my parents.  I felt that I should be doing some major planning and getting ready for school, yet I had a hard time making myself do anything...

I've decided that I'm going to use my Polk-a-Dots again this year for my classroom theme.  I'm going to do this for two reasons--one, I love them and two, I don't want to spend money on a new theme this year.  I have a lot on my plate with getting ready for my new staff, new school, new students, etc that I don't think it would be a wise use of time to go hang out in the school supply store in search of a new theme...I do however think that I will incorporate some owls into the Polk-a-Dots.  I believe I downloaded some free clip art from someone in the past year.

So, I agreed to present at a conference in October on Teaching Tweens.  It's the LCMS Rocky Mountain District Church Workers Conference.  Nothing fancy, but I'm excited about it.  Probably more excited because my BFF from college, Mrs. Cooper is going to be here from MI presenting too! 

When I agreed, I thought that I would work hard all summer to read books, find research, etc...let me tell you how many books I've read this summer.  Three.  They were purely for enjoyment.  So now as August nears, I think, gosh--I better get started on this! 

I'm heading to Indiana next week to visit Miss Trah, so I'm thinking that while she's working on her classroom stuff, I can work on this presentation.  But which direction to take it?  I anticipate the most of the audience will be middle school teachers.  A few might be middle school parents (spouses of teachers).  Some might be Pastors or DCE's (Youth Pastors) that teach middle schoolers once a week.  I think I want to talk specifically about brain development, something that is intriguing to me that I've read a lot about lately.  But other than that, I'm not sure. 

Thoughts?  If you went to a sectional titled "Teaching Tweens"(or read a blog about it...) what would you hope it would include?

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