Friday, October 21, 2011

Fall Festival

I have a good excuse for my absence in blog land... FALL FESTIVAL.

It was a great idea I had. What I didn't think through though was how much time was necessary in making something like that happen!

Finally last Saturday (Oct. 15) it all came together. We had 12 vendors selling items, a cake walk, minute to win it games, a Toy Story bounce house, kiddie carnival, pumpkin patch and Scholastic book fair. It was the longest week of my life! And maybe the longest day.

This is how the day ended...

That's me in the middle.  The last event of the Fall Festival on the stage was throw a whip cream pie at someone's face.  We had nine people volunteer for it.  This was the final round.  The pastor of our church, myself, and the 3rd & 4th grade teacher.  4 cans of whip cream, and 8 tubs of it later we were done.  I had it up my nose...  Pastor had it in his ear.  Mrs. C had a lot in her hair considering she was wearing a baseball cap.  The kids loved it.  I smelled sweet until about 6 PM when I was finally able to shower  (this occurred at 2:30 for being sweet & sticky for so long!)


  1. Oh My, Sarah!

    Fall Festival is taking over my life and I'm only in charge of the Hot Dog Grill and the "Go Fish" booth.

    You should feel SO proud of your accomplishment!!!

    BTW, sticky is not one of my favorite adjectives. You deserve some kind of medal for hanging in there so long!

    Congrats on a successful Fall Festival!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade.

  2. Just became a follower. I thought it would be good to see what goes on in Middle School so I can help my 5th graders prepare!
    ~Mrs. P @ The Polka Dot Owl Blog