Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breakfast with Mrs. Glover

Today I got the honor of getting up early.  I say honor somewhat sarcastically & somewhat proud.  You see this morning was the week after we had our Honor Roll & Student of the Quarter Assembly at Chapel.  So why did I get up early today then?  Well, I invite Student of the Quarter Nominees to my office the week after the special assembly to come and have breakfast with me.  I buy donuts at the grocery store and get milk from the lunchroom and all the children come and enjoy some grub before school.

I started doing this last year when I took over as principal because I wanted the Student of the Quarter to be special.  When I first came to my school we did Student of the Month & there was always this feeling that everyone in the class needed be nominated for Student of the Month.  So during the second half of the year, teachers often nominated two students for small things so they didn't feel left out.

When we got a new principal in 2007 he didn't do anything to acknowledge academics and behavior throughout the year and some kids were disappointed by that.  So when I took over I brought it back.

I remember being in 6th Grade and being nominated as a "Principal's Pal".  When you were nominated you got to go to the Principal's office.  He chatted with you and you got a button that said "Principal's Pal" on it and a certificate.  I thought it was cool.  So that's where I got my idea, but being a teaching principal, I don't have much time during the day to always do that, so I decided Breakfast with Mrs. Glover would do.

Today I had the cutest little boys from Kindergarten & Prekindergarten who were nominated for being good helpers and listeners.  They were adorable covered in chocolate frosting and sprinkles!!!!!!!

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