Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I'm the part-time principal at my small Lutheran school.  This year at the back to school meetings in August I challenged my staff to set some goals for the year.  I gave them the following four areas to set goals in:  Personal Life, Professional Development, Faith, and Classroom.  Today we had our first regular meeting of the year.  (We meet once a month regardless, more if necessary).  When I got home and re-hashed the meeting I remembered my goals.  I don't have them at home with me but I feel like I might have forgotten about them for too long and that I need to get back on track. 

This meeting sparked these thoughts because one of my professional goals is to present at a conference.  We have an annual Lutheran Church Worker's Conference every October and the schedule of presenters came out.  a few people who are my age or younger are presenting...  I want to be the teacher who has knowledge to share in public forum.  I talked with a co-worker last year about it, but we didn't get anything together.  Next year!  I want to have something together enough to present at conference.  Nothing earth-shattering.  Maybe it's as simple as sharing some great resources.  Maybe it's deeper than that.  We'll see. 

Another one of my professional goals is to read two books that will aid in my classroom teaching.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, I like to read Ron Clark every year.  It gets me excited about all the possibilities...but I need something else.  I need a trip to Barnes & Noble to peruse the teaching books and see if something strikes my fancy...  Anyone have any suggestions?


  1. I like "Writing Down the Bones" but that might be a little too old for your kids...

  2. I've read one of Ron Clark's books and would LOVE to visit his academy! I can't really think about a motivational type of professional resource book, but I read Tanny McGregor's Comprehension Connections this summer. It was GREAT! If you teach/use comprehension strategies in reading, then this book is for you. She uses concrete objects/experiences to teach the strategies.


  3. I bought "Effective Study Strategies for Every Classroom" last year. It's more of a collection of things to try (without a CD of materials to use). I bought another Boys Town press item at the same time, but I can't remember the name of it! :)

  4. I am reading Mechanically Inclined which is about how to create a writing workshop in your classroom. It focuses on teaching grammar in context with literature and how to use the grammar concepts in their writing.