Monday, January 9, 2012

Holy Moly So Many Great Posts & Blogs

Last week I stumbled on so many great new blogs and fantastic posts.  I'm so overwhelmed & excited about so many of my new finds!

I wanted to join in on the Clutter-Free Classroom Project, but when I got to school this morning I forgot to take pictures of my room so that I could start in on Week 1.  So I set a reminder in my phone to do it tomorrow morning... :-)  I think it should be a good time.

I also recently stumbled upon Classroom Freebies.  LOVE IT!  Someone always seems to be posting something fun there!  The possibilities are truly endless!

This brings me to a do you all create such awesome freebies & worksheets?  I long to make fun packets for my students.  Also, how can I upload something that I created to my blog?  I only know how to upload photos...I would like to be able to upload documents.  Anyone have a great, easy tutorial that I could watch or read?

Hope you had a great Monday!

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  1. Hi there! All the freebies are great right? I took a webinar through Teaching Blog Addict on blogging and they had a section in there from The Lesson Plan Diva. She shows you how and such. But other than that, I use my publisher to make stuff and upload it to Teachers Notebook and Teachers Pay Teachers. Come by my blog and say hi sometime! Adrianne at